Sunday, June 04, 2006


I've had to learn a lot about respect in the last few years. I have my friends and Masirib Klement to thank for part of that. I thought I knew what that was. I didn't. I had to go to my own desert to learn. Not necessarily learn, but remember. Not telling someone something because you fear it will hurt them isn't respect. Not telling someone how you feel isn't respect. Not telling the truth isn't respect. Worrying about the broken eggshells that you and another have to walk upon is not respect. You can only control how you feel about a subject. You cannot be responsible for another's reactions.
These things are nice in a vacuum. How do you incorporate these ideas into real life? Especailly at the speed it goes now and the amount of people we know now? I shall make it simple. I will hand down from a burning bush the rules.
1. Thou shalt not juggle.
2. Thou shalt be true to thine own self
3. Thou shalt search for thine own bliss.
4. Thou shalt promote in all others, independence.
5. Thou shalt not put another before thine own self.
There you go. 5 easy rules to respect all others and treat them with total love. Anything less is a shame.

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  1. Anonymous5/6/06 16:40

    Well said Patty Cakes. You have grown. :)