Sunday, January 14, 2007

It has come time

I was talking about going to B's school one day to help out or something. I was told in no short order that the kids would not enjoy having me there since I work on gas stations and trucks.

WTF? I guess I am no longer cool in B's eye's. What happened? I still go out to clubs, (once or twice a year). I wear a badass leather jacket. I remote control a hundred computers a day. That's hi-tech man. I rss, ftp and php. I once shot a man in reno just to watch him die. I sleep with a hot chick, everynight. It's the same one, but she's hot! My geek powers are legendary. I once won two blowjobs from a homophobic with my shooting skillz. People call me for answers. I'm an ordained minister. I can make squishy noises with my tongue. I am the only man to have slept with all of Charlie's Angels, even Bosley.

Oh god, I am so old and uncool

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