Saturday, February 10, 2007

update to no confidence

I still have no confidence, as a matter of fact it's worse now than ever before.

Since they took away the ability to self monitor our own call volumes , I asked my sup to print me out a report of how many I had opened. I had to show him where the report was. What does that tell me? The same thing that it tells you, he's been pulling the numbers out of his ass. So why did I get pulled into another meeting? I don't play WOW. Sounds overly simple, but I don't think it was conscious.

Some bung hole dumbass, you know who you are if you're reading this, got busted for surfing while they should have been handling clients. It's a good possibility that the will hbe taking the net away from us. They didn't punish the individual in question, but they sure did make a clean sweep across the board. I hate it when I get punished for someone else's inability to do simple things and not get caught.

I just don't see that I can work this schedule anymore, anyway. B needs me more than I need this job and it's a really simple equation. I will hold on till I can find something else or something drastically changes here. If you know of something, drop me a line.

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