Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vote of no confidence

Work is becoming a phone-monkey center. Lemme give you an example...

Four weeks ago I was pulled into a meeting and told that i was not opening up enough tickets (i.e. not answering phones enough). I have two weeks to correct this or will face disciplinary action. Well no problem I will make that my priority. So I did. I started being top ranked in tickets opened. Did I hear anything back from my supervisors? Of course not.

Last week they take away any ability to look in reports to see how you are ranked. But at the last report I could pull up I was ranked #1 for that day and in the top 3 for the day before. I must be doing well.

Fast forward to today when I am pulled in my Supervisor's boss' office and told to try to do better at answering the phone. I mention that I have had a talk with my sup (who is sitting there at the time) and have been ranking high since. My sup spoke up (interrupted me) and said he never said that I would be ranked on open calls. I almost got pissed. I corrected my sup on interrupting me and what i was originally told. Sure to win points every time, try it at home kiddies.

I was also told that I don't work as well when my sup is not there. I have no idea what that means, but I just ignored it at the time. Why bother?

So here I sit answering the phone, and sending this to you between reboots.

So, in short, I have no confidence in my supervisory team.


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  1. Anonymous9/2/07 21:29

    Dude that bites!! Do what i always do, give them tat look I always give people when i am mad and I promise they will wet them selves!

    You know theeeee looook!