Saturday, January 24, 2009

Busy Day

Been busy around here today. Mom’s car is dead, had to look at it this morning. Then we began the great garage cleanup of 2009. God I hate cleaning the garage. After that I participated in some arguing and bickering. God I love arguing. Then it was nap-thirty. God I love nap-thirty.

After that I started pounding away on the new Mac. It’s a little different than a Windows box, but not much. There are some confusing things and some things that work more naturally. First impression is; better than Vista, not as good as XP.

I did get the iphone SDK installed, it was a pretty big download. I also was able to watch some tutorials on the Mac website about app building etc. Right now I feel a little overwhelmed, but I will catch up. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything really technical like coding, but i try to stay in touch anyway.

Luckily I’m sipping some coffee and watching the boys play some Rockband. It’s almost bedtime. Sweet Morpheus, I’m ready. God I love sleep.

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