Monday, February 02, 2009

Ruff Day

I had a rough day yesterday; good but rough. I finally had a day to work on the iphone app and get used to the new Mac. Still have some bugs to work out on that. I created a simple app early on in the day that was basically a blogger RSS reader directed to my blog scaled down for the iphone. Nothing complicated, just a test run. Now to post it. That's where the trouble started.
Our family website is hosted on google apps, at $10 a year, it can't be beat. However it is not webdev friendly. So I started looking to host another site and they all either charge a rather large setup fee and/or a large monthly fee for a simple hosting platform. grrrr
Or option two go ahead and setup/apply with Apple for $100 to finish my developer status and the pay another $100 for their MobileMe to host. Mobileme is cool, but I can do all of it with google...except webdev. grrr
So, I apache'd (made up word) a pc at home to fill my needs, but you can't crosspost xhtml easily with it and I didn't feel like writing a bunch of java to fix the issue. grrr.
Ever get the feeling that with all of the money and tech we have now, things should just freaking work the first try?
So I finished the day frustrated and battered. Can't really afford any of those options right now.
I was glad to come into work today so I can concentrate on something within my control.
Oh, yeah, the snow is beautiful!

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