Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being on Top

I saw a post on one of the social sites today talking about defamation of christians. I strikes me as funny. I won't even go into what I am or what I believe, besides to say I feel that every religion in the world has been corrupted. Just like anything else. It's called entropy folks, get used to it. It's a universal constant, no matter who or what you think started it.
Where was I? Oh yeah...someone was actually complaining about being defamed as a christian. It reminds me of the millionaire wall street brokers bitching about losing tons of cash. Yeah, sucks to be at the top doesn't it? Let's count some things. Collectively as a group who controls more money than any other group on the planet? Christians. Who is the largest group on earth? Christians. Who wanted to come to this country to separate religion from government, but then who can't keep their damn fingers out of politics? Christians again.
Look, preach all you want and invade the next country to get more converts, but don't complain about how life has mistreated you and your brethren. You guys have had it good since inception. There were some rocky moments when a few of you had issues with Roman lions, but to be fair you were also overthrowing Rome and it's established religion at the time. You kinda had it coming. I digress again. And then there was that time that you had issues with the moors and they kept on trying to kill you...wait, you were trying to overthrow their government and established religion again. Holy Shit (no pun intended) I think I found a pattern!
I'll make a deal with you. I think Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and all of the other evil atheists will back me up on this.
If you agree to keep your grubby little fingers out of other peoples lives and just sit there content in the fact that you are going to heaven and the rest of us will be punished for all infinity, then we will leave you alone. BUT, if you continue to fuck with things that are no concern of yours and cost people their lives with your stupid "let's keep the peasants down" dogma then we will tear you apart. With logic, with reason and with forethought, we will tear you apart.
Oh yeah, stop whining about being on top. Don't you remember, "King of the Hill" has the most enemies. Another universal truth.


  1. So far I have had a good comment by a devout catholic and am going to ask if I can post it here.
    I also had one of Laura's best friends defriend me on FB because the dialogue made her uncomfortable. She texted Laura to let her know. How sad that you can't even see another viewpoint with out freaking out.
    I know I used some harsh verbage, but I did not say anything that was not true (IMO).

  2. Interesting post. I just have to disagree with you on one point. I don't think that every religion in the world has been corrupted, I don't think that religion really gets corrupted. I think the corruption is in people, not religion. This applies in my opinion to all religions. It's always the people. We should be fair and not blame any religion just because of the behavior of some of its followers.

  3. Do you remember when that guy blew up the abortion hospitals in the name of Christianity? When bin fucking ladin blew up trade center in the name of Islam? when Israelies stole the land of Palestine in the name of Judaism? There is nothing wrong with Christianity, Islam or Judaism. It's people who use the name of God to justify their stupidity.

  4. Being that religion is a collective group of people. I will have to say that it is inevitable for it to become corrupted.
    I do remember these things and more. It makes me sad.
    My question back to you is "were the people corrupted by religion or was religion corrupted by these people?"
    I guess it's a Nature vs. Nurture. Would Bin Laden have blown up the wtc's if not for Islam, would the guy have blown up the abortion clinic if not for christianity?

  5. Anonymous6/4/09 16:21

    in a word yes. People don't do ridiculous things because of religion... they use religion (whatever that may be) to do ridiculous things. Consider this... Darwin (as right or wrong as he may have been) established eugenics and because of that way of thinking one of the biggest genocides in history took place headed by the Nazis. By your logic... people should stop putting stock in science because this is what it will lead to.