Monday, March 16, 2009

Bitch Session

So we are at this function yesterday and we are all having fun. Someone shows up late and there of course there is a little drama over that. Once everything settles down and the drinking starts again. She starts telling a story about how her husband is getting an award from the Lions club (or something like it) for being a first responder to the TVUUC shooting.
I'm not going to go off on the fireman, thank all that is good that they showed up when they did or the death count would have been higher. (This was an obvious soccer mom so it may have pissed me off more than usual).
I do find it strange that this organization forgot to call the real heroes of that day; Robert Birdwell and my best friend Jamie Parkey. These guys weren't the first on the scene because it is their job. They were in the scene because they were there with their families. Both Robert and Jamie left safety and their families to take the shooter down. Let me repeat that: Both Robert and Jamie left safety and their families to take the shooter down. From what I know Robert was the first man on top of the shooter and broke his arm in the process, Jamie was a second behind and broke it some more.
I just want that to be said and more importantly I want it to be remembered. Don't every speak about what happened that day without speaking the names of those who were lost; Greg McKendry and Linda Kraeger. Don't speak of that day without remembering that all who follow are not sheep. There are sheepdogs mixed in to saves us sometimes. Don't speak of that day without saying the names of real heroes. Jamie and Robert.

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