Saturday, March 21, 2009


I agreed that I would watch "Twilight" with Laura tonight since we had the house to ourselves. It's emo for sure. It's not bad, but it's not great either. I guess I see the appeal to the younger fem crowd. I really can't get over the bad physics in it enough to really get into it. I can't really get over the bad FX and acting either. The writing is super simple and hard to keep ignoring, but it was written for teens and wannabe teens.
I just have to make a list of bad physics though...
1) No matter how strong you are you can't stop a car without having mass to back you up.
2) You can't really speed climb a tree with dress shoes on, even if you are super fast and strong.
3) All living creatures have down time. They all sleep at one time or another.
4) Skin that glistens in the sun, will glisten in fluorescent light too. meh.
It's a cool idea. But the physics have to work too damnit!
Well I guess that's enough hole punching for now. I'd better get back to watching the movie before Laura gets after me.

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