Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Haunting in CT

Laura and I did make it out to see one last movie before Rosie shows up. We popped down to the Regal Riviera for a little time out amongst the other adults. You should check out the tile work in there, a friend of mine laid it in. ahem.
I thought we were going to have trouble with the with the amount of yakkers in there. I am one who will start a fight over the noise in a theatre. It must run in the family, both of my sisters would do the same. One time my sister was on a date and got up and yelled at some serial yakkers and it led to a situation escalated enough that her date had to pull out a gun; they were seriously outnumbered. They survived and no one got shot.
Anywhooooo. The movie started and and everyone quietened down. Then the scary jump out at you parts started really early in the movie and everyone jumped and laughed. It ended up being pretty cool, a nice gestalt.
The movie itself was well made, well casted and written very well. For a horror movie, I think they did a good job of making it. It had some really good "jump out at you" scenes. I htink it had at least 8 of them and all worked to one degree or another. The movie is based on a true story and I could swear I think I saw the same story on a Discovery show. It did take a lot of artistic liberties, but I don't mind that. Original stories usually are boring and easily solved. Sometimes they need a little good "writing."
If you like a good scary movie I would definitely recommend this one and also "The Unborn", which should be out on DVD next week.
Have you ever noticed that all good ghost stories involve people who are very religious? Coincidence?

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