Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kevin Can you hear me?

Have you seen this man?


Yeah of course you have…but when was the last time? What has happened to one of our generations greatest actor? An actor’s actor. The last “Kevin Spacey” movie we had was in 2004 with “Beyond the Sea” which he personally backed since nobody really wanted to do a movie about Bobby Darin. Maybe that was the beginning of his fall from grace with the bigwigs.

Kevin has been in a few movies in the last five years; Superman Returns, Fred Claus, 21 and Recount. These movies have all been supporting roles for Kevin. Nothing major. Nothing where he could shine. Kevin Gave us great characters like David Gale (The Life of David Gale), Prot (K-PAX), Eugene Simonet (Pay it Forward), Lester Burnham (American Beauty*) and one of my all time favorite Kevin Spacey characters Verbal Kint/Keyser Soce (The Usual Supects). Some of these movies have been supporting roles for Kevin Spacey, but he outshined his co-actors in all of them. Even when teamed up with Benicio del Toro and Chris Cooper, who are also known for being an actor’s actor.

So if you see this man in a great film, drop me a line and let me know. We miss Kevin’s characters.  5 years have been too long.

*in my top 10 movies of all time



  1. Anonymous29/3/09 13:08

    I guess he's too busy running the Old Vic Theater in London to spend the months at a time it takes to shoot a starring role.

  2. Well aren't I a dumbass. I remember him talking about that on a talk show years ago. 1) I forgot all about it. 2) I still forgot all about it.
    Thanks for the update anon.
    That will teach me to run off at the brain again.