Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Laws

I see a new foolish law everyday. I guess I should stop subscribing to so many political posts. Today I saw one from Peabody, Mass. that had me stunned. They made a law against ice cream socials. I don't even know for sure what an Ice Cream Social is, but it doesn't sound that dangerous. The town outlawed them because they are unhealthy.
Isn't it time that we re-evaluate every law in the country and see if it is still viable? I know this will be a lot of work, well we sure do have a lot of unemployed people right now that would like a government job. Maybe every law should have an expiration date on it...even the capital offenses. We should start out at the township level and work our way up to the federal level.

Here is some suggested criteria:
1) Does this law make logical sense?
2) Does this law involve something that is tanglible: loss of life, damages, loss of money, etc.
3) Is this law only really protecting someone's feelings?
4) Is law supported by a real (as in not fake) majority of the people that it is affecting?
5) Is this law used to control a specific group of people?
6) Does this law work for the people or does it work for the government or big business?

And here's how you make it work.
1) Hold a lottery of people that have entered a ballot to be on the committee.
2) Sequester the winners of the lottery while they make their decisions for 10 laws.
3) Start again with the next batch.
4) Highly prosecute anyone that tampers with this system. Kick them out of the country with no money ad never let them back in.

After that make any law expire after 5-10 years depending on importance and review the law at that time. We are slowly turning into a civilization of logical people now. I feel it. It's close. It's about time that we acted like it. Soon we can move this system out to the rest of the world.

Yeah, I just labeled myself and expect someone in a black car to come visit me sometime real soon.


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