Friday, March 06, 2009

Weird Dream

I just started on the Chantix last week, but it has already started hyper-dreaming for me. It's a known side effect.
I dreamed I was near the Fazoli's on Old Broadway, but it was a KFC instead of a Fazoli's. My friend Les and i were standing outside the building when a commercial jet flew overhead very low to the ground and flying erratically. Behind it flew what must have been a missile, which ended up crashing into the dirt, but not exploding.
I called the army and they said I should throw it in the creek and destroy it. So I did. They then called back and said that they had made a mistake and it may have a nerve gas in it and I should guide it down the creek until we got to the TN river. I had already taken pop shots at the canister shaped missile with a .22, but the rounds were not strong enough to pierce it.
I was guiding the missile down the creek when an army jeep pulled up and I was requested to be taken to the base to pick up a sniper rifle so I could shoot it when we got to the river. Once I picked the rifle up went went to the shooting grounds to test the sights. As a target the army set up a movie projector and screen which played an old Nazi propaganda movie. I was supposed to shoot the SS officers that were talking to a young girl.
At this point Laura woke up to go to the bathroom and woke me up in the process. That's all I remember. I haven't watched any war movies lately either.

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