Saturday, April 11, 2009

My strongly worded letter

I got a can of the ready to use Enfamil with Lipids at the local Walmart. The baby loves it, and it agrees with her. We use it as a supplement and I have no complaints with the quality of the formula as long as there is no jet fuel or melamine in it.
I do have a concern with the container. The technology used for the container is over 60 years old. I said to myself at 3 am " Oh, yeah I need a church key." Most people these days do not know what a church key is by name, that should tell you something. I tried a church key and it bent. Then the cussing began. The only way to get into the container at 3 am with a screaming baby is to stab it repeatedly with an 8" chef's knife. I still have all of my fingers and the baby got fed. I will have to tell you that I am particularly skilled with a blade though. A lesser man would have lost at least 2 of his fingers.
I looked at my calendar today to check, and indeed it is 2009. I would like to see a more up to date container for your ready to mix formula. We have nifty inventions like silicon, plastic, screw on lids. I could go on for you, but I am sure that you pay people in your R&D department for that.
Please update your container scheme. I can be hired for nominal fee to tell you about the last 60 years of technology.
Oh yeah, please include a lid. I had to wrap the dang can in aluminum foil.
Patrick N. Christian

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