Friday, May 29, 2009


A friend of mine has a good blog with a good point. How doe we find our bliss. Not happiness, but bliss. Happiness is short lived like a smoke on a pipe. Bliss is the constant feel of well being and good that will give us heart during the tough times. No matter who you are, you are looking for peace. You want peace with yourself and peace with the surrounding world, even if that world has given you some tough choices to make.

I find my bliss though simple pleasures and trust in what I see that surrounds me. Sure the simple pleasures lead to some happiness, but don't hold that against me. I do love the usual things that people enjoy, but the thing that gives me bliss is order. When I drop an apple on Newton’s head I know it’s going to go down. When I look in my baby’s eye’s I know she needs me and will learn to love me as she grows.

When I see someone do good for someone else, it reminds me that that is the natural scheme of things. That is the order that I belong to. That is the good in the world and it outweighs the bad a thousand-fold. We here about the bad everyday and ignore the good. It happens. People pay more attention to what they fear more than what is an everyday occurrence. You learn to get over that and pay attention to the good stuff.

I find that in preparing for the bad stuff I become more mindful of it and less afraid of it. I don’t obsess over it. I just prepare for it. Bad things happen and there is no (zero, nada, zilch) reason to worry about it now. But we can prepare for it without the worry. Then it’s not such a big scary monster in the closet, it’s just daddy’s trench coat.

I used to have that teenage snowflake feeling that I was different and no one understood me. I grew up and realized that everyone else was having the same problem and that we were 99.999999% the same. Not the other way around. How weird is that? It’s comforting is what it is. No matter what your trouble is, someone has done it before and survived. Someone has flourished afterwards. That’s a peace filled thought.

That is what fills me with a sense of bliss: Good outweighs bad, the universe is an orderly place, someone has been there before.

If I get there before you, I will let you know what it’s like. Maybe the path ain’t as covered as you think.

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  1. It is good to finally get comfortable in one's own skin.