Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dear #tcot and #tlot

First off let me notify you that I do not subscribe to either of your ways. You both have a penchant for spending MY money. conservatives get into wars and long drawn out affairs that do indeed spend my money and I get no benefit from it. Liberals spend my money more locally and civil programs that give me no benefit. I am off your grid. Some would call me a libertarian, but they can be nuts too. I am old school, live in TN and can shoot like no one's business. I have trained many years now and am fairly good in a scrap too. I also cheat.
Here's my point. And it's more for the #tcot franchise. I am interested in politics from time to time I will post something political either good or bad in my viewpoint. And from time to time I will reply to something. In example "yes, and the world has seen so much different from #tcot lolz" which I posted yesterday to @Southparkcon from his original message "LIb tweeters are like snipers, 'cept they use insults and broad assertions, not bullets, before they fade back into the jungle..."
Go back and re-read that. I only stated that #tcot does the same I did not personally attack him. He's on my friends list and I enjoy his posts. His reply: " Wow, thanks for proving my point, dumbass. Blanket accusation & insult against a group instead of a thoughtful counter. Bye!" There was more from his friends too.
A personal attack. Second one this week from a #tcot. Unfortunately his location is hidden.
I subscribe to the John Wayne style of insults. I won't have them done to me if I can help it. If you are a keyboard warrior (someone who is only brave 3,000 miles away and behind a LCD screen then carry on, I can't stop you. But one of you fuckers are going to mess up and live near me. At which point I will fucking beat the living shit out of you. I am not going to plan a pay-per-view at the Garden. You will hear the faint ting of aluminum as it makes contact with the back of your skull as you try to unlock your car. You might even catch a glimpse of me when you fall. Don't worry I have ammonia, I'll keep you awake. I might slice off your patella. I might hyper-extend your arms and make them completely useless no matter how many surgeries you have. I might give you a kiss with my aluminum baseball bat again and leave you a drooling mess. But I digress.
Please don't send the personal attacks my way. I am a snarky individual, you can ask anyone, but I do not insult people and I do not lay a hand on them until they do as well.
I feel better now. It's off my chest.

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