Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Gun Bill: Veto or not

Governor Bredesen vetoed the bill that would allow people to carry a weapon (concealed or not) into an establishment that serves alcohol. What is going through your mind when you hear those words together? A thug at Fairbanks or CottonEyed Joes carrying a gun and waiting for trouble, or do you picture a country saloon with gun shots peppered across the walls?
Here is what I picture, a father or mother sitting down to dinner with their children and loved ones at the local Ruby Tuesday's. Is this person a criminal? Right now, even with a carry permit they are. If the veto is upheld they still will be. A criminal. Most people with carry permits will bring their guns into a restaurant now. Criminal, yes. Overlooked, yes. Doing what they believe is right anyway, sure. Do they deserve to be criminals? No they don't.
This bill is only going to change one thing. Do we want our law abiding citizens that already carry a gun into a restaurant that serves alcohol to be criminals? I don't. I hope that someone sees clearly through this issue and understands that it is not going to change the way our citizens act. It will only change the way we quantify them.
I am a pacifist, but I am also a libertarian. I believe everyone has a right to defend themselves and their loved ones. On the other hand I do want some gun control. Not everyone should be able to legally carry a weapon with them, and there should be a seminar even then.
I define a pacifist as someone who has not hit their limit for acting on the safety of their loved ones.
I also would like to strongly object to calling this the "Guns in Bars" bill. It's about taking a firearm into a restaurant that serves alcohol to eat with your family.
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