Thursday, May 14, 2009

Motorboat Law Explained

I have the best wife.
She's smart and funny and the most caring person I know. It's why I married her. She thinks I'm alright too, I guess. We were riding down the road and the subject of motorboating came up and she said she would not mind that and it was the same as doing a bodyshot off of someone. I kinda disagree, but who am I to argue? Nobody!
For the record that is not my style even if I was single and definitely not when I am married. I have to have a mutual empathetic thing going. But I think that's it's way cool that she feels that trusting and comfortable with me. I talk the talk, but I'm an 'ole fashioned southern gentleman at heart.
Oh and before we go...BOOBIES!


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  1. Ok,
    sadly enough....I had to look this up to see what Motorboating was.