Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Truth about Heart

An online friend made me think of this tonight. Luckily everything came out okay.
When most people think about heart they think of either the physical cardiac muscle in our bodies or they think of the soft warm heart that causes people to fall in love and give willingly to charity. The Heart goes much further than that. The Heart is also the seat of strength for us mortals. Heart is what gets you through a tough time.
Having a strong heart is the only way to survive having a child. Children fall down and get hurt and even end up in the hospital. Luckily they usually come out okay. Children also do dumb things, dishonest things or just dumbfounding things. Parents have got to have heart to see their way through these things and come out on the other side. We may want to break down and stop during the crisis, but we carry on. We may slow down enough to have a good cry, but we snap back to attention when it's time. We may want to let something that a child does wrong slide, but we don't because we know when something needs to be stopped before it starts a habit. Heart is the best tool a parent or teacher has.
Just this morning another one of my online friends lost a loved one. I'm sure this will hurt his heart, but it will also make it stronger and ready for the next hill. If our job on this planet is not to see what's over the next hill and experience things, then I don't know what it is. It's the only real reason to wake up sometimes.
Heart is what gets us through a lot of other tough situations. You name it and it takes heart to do it. Why did Muhammad Ali beat George Foreman? Ask George. Ali had more heart that time. That is what brought him out as the victor.
I like to think of my Heart as a guide that does not let me quit when I want to. Sometimes it is overbearing and I go further than I needed, but for the most part I have seen over the next hill for all of the hills I have seen. Heart got me there. Heart has never told me to let go, Heart has never told me to let someone who is down stay down. Heart has never told me that someone will find food on their own.
We focus on the big brained super geeks here online a bunch, but most of them got to where they are from having the Heart to follow their dreams and stick it out even when it hurt. We focus on our favorite super athlete of out favorite sports whatchamacallit, but they would be fixing your pizza right now if they didn't have the Heart to push their bodies to the limits.
So my advice to you tonight is to take five measly minutes and think abut what your Heart has gotten you through in the past and know that it will get you over the next hill too. There will be many more hills and the Heart, just like anything else needs exercise. Five minutes is enough.

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