Friday, May 08, 2009

Why your IT dept hates you.

If you are reading this online you most likely do not need to. You may want to print out 100 copies and place around your office for your office mates that have "issues" with technology.
I work in a relatively progressive place of business. It's a medical facility and deals with some newer technologies, but there are still those old dinosaurs called desktops and printers. Even though these behemoths have been around for years some people have issues with them and it drives the IT department batty to say the least. Here's why.
1. You call and complain about every little thing that has no bearing on your work. You can't connect to your favorite youtube video. I don't know of an IT department that supports youtube...well besides google.
2. You don't call and complain about anything, even when a machine has not booted in a week and other people are waiting on you.
3. You expect us to know who you are over the phone and remember what your computer name is and on top of that you expect us to know what that "thing" is that you do all the time that does not work now.
4. You are usually rude.
5. When we are carrying a monitor, a tower, a roll of cables and 16 mice you expect us to stop in the hallway and listen to your complaint at that time.
6. You refuse to follow the channels. They are there to help you, not us. We record how many times a computer blue screens and how many computers have the same error so we can keep them from happening again.
7. You think that you are number one and no other users could possibly need our help too. You are, just don't tell the others.
8. Timely fashion has no meaning to you.
9. You never clean your desk and expect us to climb under it and get all of your sloughed off skin and dust into our precious lungs. Seriously, I had a lung infection this spring after changing out computers for 2 days.
10. None of the above bother us at all really. I can take all of that all day with a big ole dumb grin on my face.

Here's what really drives us batty.

You work in a world where everything is connected to a computer, everyone works on a computer at some point during the day. Especially if you are reading this, which might denote that you have an IT department. You work in this world, yet you refuse to learn the basics of computing. The basics. No one expects you to learn how to code or photoshop. No one expects you to open your computer and fiddle with all of the hamsters inside. Here's what is expected of you. Learn the basics of the computer world. Knowing which buttons to push in the program that you launch every day is not enough. Learn what double clicks, right clicks, shift and ctrl clicks do. Learn what a context menu is. Learn what some of the major files are: pics, music, documents and webpages all have a specific filetype.
I personally would be ashamed to not know the ins and outs of a machine I was working on. I wouldn't have to be the best, but I sure would want someone to think I am at least competent with it. Even if it was a broom. I have worked at more than one company where the people in the accounting department did not know what a pivot table was. All of these things are here to make your job easier. Seriously. That is the whole reason for a computer in the workplace anyway. Take advantage of it.
As a final note I would like to give you some tips:
1. There are at least 3 ways to do something on a computer.
2. There are tons of free resources to learn about basic computing functions all the way up to advanced learning.
3. Your company will pay for any training that you need. I almost guarantee it. Most companies would rather have a proficient worker, even if it costs them some money at the outset.
4. Go to a used bookstore.
5. The government usually has local resources that will teach you how to use a computer. Free classes. Well you did pay with taxes. Feel obliged to go. Get your money's worth!

Speaking for all ITdom, we don't hate you. We do hate some of the things you do, but you probably hate our snarky ways too! We know that we can be assholes, but really it's from being burned out.


  1. I can see your point, but, at the same time I don't know anything more about my car except that it shouldn't make "funny noises", keep the tires balanced, change the oil, and oh needs gas. So, the same goes for my computer.

    Thankfully, whenever I have had to call the help desk it has been over a problem that the rest of the department is having too! "Whew" otherwise, the IT dept. would HATE ME. At the same time, I know me and my folly with the blasted machine is job security for them. LOL.

  2. I am a user sometimes and see your point. However, I would personally be ashamed to pay $15,000+ for an item such as a car and drive it daily and not know the basics about it.
    I suggest for the future of your employment you take some accelerated computing courses. Pretty soon it will become very important and will sway a decision as to who gets hired and who does not.

  3. Eh, I leave the car engine work to the mechanics...that is what they are there for. Trust me, it would be a very bad thing for me to try and to work on any part of an automobile beyond an oil change and tire rotation....I have a feeling, that things would go BOOM. Kind of like me in the kitchen. I thank God that the microwave was invented.

    However, people should clean out from under their desk......nobody should be expected to crawl through stale food particles. Bleah.

    I have already planned to take some additional computer courses...but, right now I am going to focus on learning Spanish ( Rosetta Stone style) because let's face it, in five years if a person isn't bilingual they won't have a chance in hell of getting a good job.