Thursday, July 02, 2009


I had some aftermath of the post I did on father's day. It was a stream. A collective will to toss it all out there and see what the universe wanted to do with it. A message if you will. Well it was received and not all good.
Apparently I hurt some people that I did not intend to. For that, I am sorry. That was not my intent. Sometimes when you play with chaos it plays with you. So, some people had their lives shaken up a bit and I added some amount of fear into their lives. Once again, I'm sorry for that.
I ended up talking to my sister on the phone last night for over an hour. The first hour was spent with some tense feelings and mis-communications. Fun stuff indeed.
Hopefully what we both came away with is a closer bond and we understand each other better. Sometimes it is better to shake things up a bit, but I won't know until all of the dust has settled. It may or may have not been worth it. I like to believe that when you let go of something it no longer has a hold of you too. But as some say. I am idealistic. Not a easy way to live in this world.
I also like to believe that most things handle themselves better when you take your hands off of them. Once again, maybe idealistic, but I like that. Painful sometimes, and it makes me rage against the world sometimes. I can't really see another way to be though.
I came away with a couple of commitments to keep and will do so happily. This is not a sad ending and it's not a happy ending. It may not even be an ending. I'll let you know.

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