Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hats off to your drinking laws

I'm sitting here at the Preservation Pub, which is 21 and up only thanks to smoking laws and alcohol laws. I'm thinking that this would be an awesome time to have my son with me teaching him how to drink and hang out. Yeah, that's right. How to fucking drink. Thanks to some stupid ass motherfucking nose in my business I can't. It will be their dumbass kid that ends up wrapping their car around a fucking tree or driving it into a crowd of people. You know why? Because no one responsible taught their kid how to drink without going overboard and acting like a little fraternity shit.
So they binge drink on their first time out and kill someone. They did it because of the stupid fucking law.
Here's a novel idea. Teach the kids to drink before they get into a 4,000 pound machine. Another bonus is they will have less of a chance to grow up to be alcoholics.
So yeah, I'd like to have my son here by my side. drinking a brewski and chatting with cool hip people. Some certain suck.

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