Sunday, July 05, 2009

Strong Women

I love women. I do. I love all kinds of women. Recently, I made a comment about Sarah Palin being dumber than a box of rocks. Someone mentioned that men always say that about attractive women that have made it. Yes. Some men do say that. It's a shame too. I don't think Palin is dumb because she is pretty or because she is a woman. I say it because I have seen her talk and I have seen what she has done. She was chosen by the GOP because she is a woman and because she would tow the line if they won the last presidency. She was not chosen because of her intelligence, leadership skills or ability.
My boss at work is one of the smartest and competent people I know, male or female. She had a meeting last week with the engineers of a new building we are working on. These engineers like to get in a room with a client and use industry words and proprietary goobedly-gook to confuse them into buying crap they don't need. And unfortunately they tried that with my boss. They wanted us to buy a monitoring system (Brand A) even though we already had one (Brand B) because of some special equipment. They didn't know that my boss knows that Brand A speaks the same language as Brand B and Brand C etc ad nauseum. I hate to say it but they probably thought she was a silly woman that they could push around.
Needless to say that my boss smacked them down pretty hard with the facts and saved the company a big chunk of money. Brand new european car money. She is a perfect example of a strong person; man or woman. (President material for sure)
I love my boss. Worship the ground she walks on for her skills and ability. One day I hope to be as good as she is. She fucking rawks.
I like to think that I surround myself with strong women. My wife, Kellye, Jules, Carie...the list does go on. But I don't. I surround myself with strong people that know what they are doing and have a conviction in life for something...anything.
Where were we?
Oh yeah. Don't give me the bullshit about how Palin is strong and smart and is fit enough to be leader of this country. Right now, more than ever, we need the brightest, smartest, PH.D. motherfuckers we can find. This is not a talent show, this is not dancing with the stars, this is America. We are the strongest, most amazing experiment ever built. It takes real leadership and intelligence to keep this boat afloat and not abuse the powers that we have given it. Unfortunately we haven't see that out of the GOP in a while and until they fucking shape up we don't need to see anything from them. Especially that dumbass from Alaska.
Give me a truly strong woman for presidency and I will run her campaign.

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  1. I would like to add a couple of things:
    1) My boss does not read my blog.
    2) I am a red blooded American male, therefore I love the female form and especially boobies!

    Just thought I'd add that in before someone called me a pinko commie.