Sunday, August 16, 2009

In the bed or out?

The debate rages on...quietly.
I have talked to a great number of people recently who are astonished that we sleep with Rosie in the bed with us. I have to think that it is natural thing from my perspective. I also have to go with what works for us. I get the usual arguments about rolling over on the baby and smothering it or the baby will not develop proper independence.
Blaine slept in the bed with us and he is fairly independent now. As a matter of fact I can't keep up with his whereabouts on a daily basis. I also don't remember it being too difficult of a task to get him to sleep in his own bed.
Another fact that keeps me swayed in favor of sleeping with the bambino is that Blaine slept all night every night unless some illness was bothering him. Rosie also sleeps all night every night, barring something weird. She sleeps very soundly. Most people that I talk to that do not sleep with the babies in the bed reported the opposite. Good enough for me.
The side effect of that is of course, L and I sleep all night long.
What about mommy/daddy time? Well, once the baby is asleep she can easily be popped into her crib. Problem solved. Sex it up...have a ball! welcome.

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  1. Hey, do what works!! I trust empirical evidence, and that you have gathered.

    It worked just fine for me and I enjoyed it. It felt great to wake up next to my daughter every morning.

    Get over it people. Sharing a bed isn't exclusively a sexual thing.