Saturday, October 31, 2009


Yesterday was Laura's and my anniversary. We have been married for 3 years and one day now. Outstanding! I started to think about the reason why we count the years. I know it's a special occasion and we social protocol dictates that we must celebrate it on a yearly basis.
People asked me, "How long have you been married?" This struck me as a little odd. Is the length of the marriage calculated in work and travails that we must celebrate? Is that what we are celebrating?
I personally have found my marriage to Laura to be seamlessly easy. We haven't had one argument in the whole time that we have been together. We've had rough and stressful times for sure, but we have been there for each other and those rough times ended in laughter. I think the reason why we celebrate our anniversary is to mark the luck that we found each other. To mark the oddity that we are so alike and so different, but fit perfectly.
Here's some advice I can offer as a husband to anyone that needs it. Go out of your way to treat your mate as special. Never be mean or cruel, even jokingly it can build up into something real and painful. Involve your mate in everything you do. Even if it's only a chat about what you are doing. Live in the moment with your mate, think about the future, learn from the past, but live in the moment. Lean on each other.
I hope you all get as lucky and find someone that fits you like Laura fits me. She's soft where she needs to be and tough where it counts.
I <3 my Baby!


  1. That is words to truly live by thanks Snarky!

  2. I love this post! Incredible! @EastTNrewards