Thursday, November 26, 2009



The bird is the word and it's in the oven. I'm sitting at the kitchen table sipping on my favorite drug and thought I'd write the obligatory "I'm Thankful for..." note. Honestly I have never loved Thanksgiving much, it has always been in the way of things, I wasn't in the place of mind to recognize it or I didn't have the things that make us thankful. Mostly, it was my take on life. What a shame. I am very excited this year and at peace. It's a good thing. So let's break this down and and be mindful of what we should give thanks for.

My family: What's not to give thanks for? I have a beautiful wife who adores me as much as I adore her. We have the same views on almost all things in life and we work together to make sure the priorities are not forgotten. She came in to my life late when I already had a son and adored him too. She didn't try to be his mother, she didn't feel compelled to wage a war for dominance with him as so many others do. She is his friend, his confidant and his guidance. That played a big part on how and why we fell in love. I loved her for loving him. Blaine, as most of you know, is one hell of a son. We have our disagreements, he tries to take the silverback down from time to time and I love it. He is the coolest teen I know, and excuse the pride, going to be one great and quirky man. He has love and compassion, a sense of right and wrong and a razor sharp mind and tongue. No matter what mood he is in, when he walks in and Rosie lights up like a Christmas tree, he pounces on her and shows her all of his love. He protects her, loves her and entertains her like no other.
I don't even know if I can say how I feel about my little booboo (aka bud, rosebud, rosalita, my little pita, nescobar plop plop, or Rosie). She has brought a light to me from another place. Ethereal if you will. Blaine always kept me grounded and here, Laura rose me up from a dark place and Rosie brought me on home. What can I say? My little family is perfect for me.

My friends: I have always been a truly lucky person when it comes to friends. I have had many over the years and consider almost all of them to be important parts in my life still. I have friends that would literally take a bullet for me. I have friends who have been there for me when I was blue. More importantly, I have friends that have conquered the test of time and stuck with me. ME! Do you know how hard and trying that can be? I'm quite the asshole. I would take a bullet for most of them myself, I have and will be loyal and give them as much if not more love than they give me. I think that is why. I do love my friends.
One friend wrote to me this morning and it touched me. I have known this friend for only a year, he lives out of town and we have only met less than 10 times and this is how he thinks of me. "One of the most important things that I'm thankful for is you and your wonderful friendship. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have you in my life and I will never take your love and friendship for granted..." Isn't that nice? So yes I consider myself lucky. I have met a multitude of new friends over the past year through FB, Twitter and social functions. They (you) are all wonderful and thoughtful people. I have made new and close friends through my job, and love them dearly. I spend most of my waking hours with these people, more than with my family usually. It has been a pleasure and my honor to be with them. I love you all.

My home: It has been a rough and trying year, but we are in the house now and it is ours. We are slowly remolding it into our image. But it's ours. It's my sanctum sanctorum. When I am done with my day I can now drive home. It holds my family and my things, but I like to believe that it is more than the sum of that. Plus it has a man-cave! Woot!

My job: I mentioned my lovely friends at work and for them I am thankful. I am also most thankful for having a job in these times. The pay is good, the place is full of interesting people and it's something that I love to do. There is a puzzle everyday and it's my job to be part of the team that solves it. I would be with this team to solve any problem. It's a great team. I <3>

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about what I am thankful for. It's a selfish list. To sum up I have a healthy and beautiful family, wonderful friends and an all around great life. Thank you for being part of that.

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