Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Telco

So, we have been having network issues with one of our sites now for quite some time. We at first thought it was a single pc, but that got ruled out when we discovered that multiple people were having issues with multiple machines. Long story short; we called AT&T to start working on our issue and test the network connection between buildings. Sure enough we were dropping packets like a hooker drops condom wrappers.
That would have been the end of the story if AT&T owned the fiber. Unfortunately they did not, at the remote location that is. It got handed off to TDS Telecom. Have you ever worked with them? Think wooden shed and tin cans connected by a string. Yes, indeedy people. So for more time than I care to admit we have been going back and forth between AT&T and TDS. Say what you will about Ma Bell, their techs know their shit. Back and forth, forth and back. We tested everything we could find. TDS swore up and down it was not their fiber and not their equipment. They couldn't prove it because their field techs are not allowed in their switches. You can find god easier than you can find someone on their data team too.
yeah I'm winding it up...
So today we had had enough. Mike and I actually drove to the TDS Central office. Once we got there we tested our own fiber and cleaned it. I would like to remind you that we are the customers. This is like you driving to the ford dealership to rebuild your own engine while the mechanics drink coffee and ponder the existence of technicolor frogs. Using , gasp, logic we narrowed the issue down to a bad port on their switch. We changed it out and tested it for close to an hour with no issues.
I mean seriously. Really? I had to drive to the telephone company and tell them how to fix our connection? I should send them a fucking bill.
I would like to thank the academy, the awesome AT&T tech we had and the team I work with for this Oscar.

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