Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 2010

Obligatory Post:
Wow what a ride 2009 was. We had Rosie in April. I'll never forget that day. It was fairly cold, and it started out with lots of screaming. It ended in a bunch of crying, but it was the good kind. Lil' Rosebud came out (finally) and she was beautifully perfect.
I also remember the great house hunt of 2009. That was a long hard road for us. We finally got the 3rd house that we put offers on. First house offer was accepted then denied by the seller. Then bought out from under us with a cash sale. Second house offer was to a guy who just had the house on the market to appease the IRS and their investigation of him. Third one must have been the charm.
2009 also saw me settling into my new job and becoming part of a kickass team. Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Around the time we had Rosie we also started the and really getting into twitter. I met a lot of new friends on twitter and through the JUL. When I say friends, I mean friends. People that I go out and have dinner with. People that worry about our well-being. That's really important. I also connected with some old friends that I had thought were gone. They weren't.
We finished off the year with some excellent holidays spent with good family and good friends. This last Xmas was the best one in my life. I can't remember a more peaceful and loving Xmas.
So what is coming for 2010?
I should finish my first iPhone app with the caring support and help of C and J. My job will slow down a little. Laura's may change a lot. I think I'll also get into some 6th sense technology. We'll work on the house some more and get it more to our liking. I'll start working harder on the JUL when the job eases up a little and maybe even get us into some podcasting and maybe even a radio show.
I'm hoping maybe we'll get to start adding a new addition to the family. James Patrick will be his name. I see a new vehicle coming our way this new year too. Metaphorically and literally.
Now my question to you. What do you see coming in the new year?

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