Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Night time walk on the Beach

Blaine, Unka Tim and I went search the beach for goodies last night by the light of the moon. Well, that and three LED flashlights. We found some shells and a couple of shark teeth. We also found some bigger critters that we decided to not keep, except in vid format.

First of we found a dead horseshoe crab. It looked pretty good from the top.

Then we found a live one. We rescued the beasty and tossed it back in the water. It appeared to be quite old and was covered in barnacles. Fun Fact: Horseshoe crabs use Hemocyanin in their blood which makes it a bright blue.

Next up is one of our favorites, a cantalope sized jellyfish. I lit the jellyfish up with my flashlight so you can see the insides.

Last but not least we found a gastropod or stomachfooted beast from hell. Well it's really more of a snail working in a shell. This one was rolling around in the shallow waves. It's shell was intact and beautiful. We rescued it too.

The beach is fun as hell during the day for playing and catching some waves, but if you want to see some really cool stuff just take a nice stroll on your local beach at night. There's no telling what you can find.

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