Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Crazy Neighbors

We all have them.
When we first moved into our house we were excited about having the fenced in yard for Emma, our St. Bernard/Boxer. Unfortunately she was able to climb the fence, as our new neighbors were happy to point out to us on our second day there. "Can you please keep your dog in the fence because I am afraid of dogs." She tells me.
No problem, we want to be responsible people. So I build a runner for Emma and contain her into our yard. She is happy with that solution, it gives her plenty of room to travel and do her business. Three weeks later I notice a new dog hanging about our yard, coming in the door when we open it and basically being a pain in the ass. Jack, the dog, who is always under foot and climbing up our garbage cans to make a huge mess belongs to the same neighbors that had just asked me to keep Emma away from them.
Jack spent most of the winter outside, no matter what the temperature was. They would let poor Jack in at night, most of the times. I let him in our place a few times when it was really cold. People would come and knock on our door to complain about Jack. I always pointed out the neighbors and asked that they go speak with them...after I told them the story about Emma and the way Jack was treated.
Every week we would have to pick up the garbage from Jack's adventures. One day Jack didn't show up to trip me as I walked down to my truck. Jack didn't show up the next day either. I don't know what happened to Jack, who was a Jack Russell Terrier by the way; real original name there. I assume they got tired of Jack and got rid of him.
Two weeks ago the neighbors knocked on our door to inform us that our cat, Bobo, who we rescued had gotten into their garbage. I told the lady thank you and closed the door in her face.
I can't wait to see what happens next.

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