Friday, March 18, 2011

The Blowup (or I really am a dick sometimes)

As most of you know the whole family had the plague last week and we're still recovering. I was out sick on that Monday and Tuesday from work and felt pretty bad. Laura felt bad enough to want to go to the walk-in clinic at the local Walgreen's. The closest on that had the clinic was on Northshore Dr. which is no biggie. We packed up Rosie and made it out of the house by 12:45 which was an accomplishment. I was running on 2 hours of sleep; our plague comes with migraines and I had decided that on top an elephant's does of pseudo-ephedrine that I needed some coffee the night before.
We make it to the Walgreen's around 1 and then saw the sign that they had left for lunch at 1. Great! We had an hour to kill and decided to go grab some lunch. Laura wanted to hot and sour soup so we went to the always delightful Plum Tree. The food was good but Rosie was a terror and we left covered in rice. I hate taking her to Asian restaurants. Hate it.
We make it back to Walgreen right before the nurse practitioner comes back on duty and Laura is the at the head of the line. She signs in. I wrangle Rosie around the store for 20 minutes in my almost delirious state; she's better behaving than she was at Plum Tree, but still a little obnoxious. She was sick to, I didn't expect her to be a little princess, but it was grating on me. What the hell was taking so long? Laura just needed a Rx for some anti-biotics. She finally came out and said that they had called the prescription in to the Walgreens on Western Ave. I snapped, I'm not going to lie.
"Why the fuck would they do that I am literally standing fucking five feet away from a godamned pharmacist right here?" I yell loudly enough for everyone in Walgreen's to hear me. I grab Rosie and start heading for the door, realizing that Laura was telling me that she had told them to do that. So now everyone in Walgreen's knows I'm a dick. I cannot deny it. In my defense it was probably the first time I have ever raised my voice at Laura and I was really complaining about the nurse, but it turns out that I wasn't. Doesn't it?


  1. I hope you asked Laura why she wanted it called to Western Ave.. That's what happens when everyone is sick. You hate it happened but you must forgive everyone involved, including yourself.

  2. Yeah, she just was not thinking about it. I understood that as soon as she said said it, she was as tired as I was.