Saturday, March 19, 2011

I have a Superpower!

I have always been able to voluntarily make a sound in my own ears. I remember asking a doctor about this when I was a kid. He had no idea and asked if I needed to see an ear specialist about this. Read the article for more info.

From Wikipedia:

Voluntary control

Contracting muscles produce vibration and sound.[2] Slow twitch fibers produce 10 to 30 contractions per second (equivalent to 10 to 30 Hz sound frequency). Fast twitch fibers produce 30 to 70 contractions per second (equivalent to 30 to 70 Hz sound frequency).[3] The vibration can be witnessed and felt by highly tensing one's muscles, as when making a firm fist. The sound can be heard by pressing a highly tensed muscle against the ear, again a firm fist is a good example. The sound is usually described as a rumbling sound. Some individuals can voluntarily produce this rumbling sound by contracting the tensor tympani muscle of the middle ear. The rumbling sound can also be heard when the neck or jaw muscles are highly tensed.

Stumbled upon it from realityphreaker at Reddit. Thanks!

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