Sunday, April 03, 2011

Full version of Ubuntu on the Moto Atrix

The user Sogarth over at the XDA Developers Forum has managed to not only get a full version of Ubuntu running on the Motorola Atrix, but he has automated the process for us too.

"You will be hacking your device. The base script that modifies your device has been reasonably well tested and operates with a decent level of paranoia, so it is highly unlikely that the script will break anything. However, any software you install after you have access to a full Ubuntu presents a very real chance that you will either soft-brick your device or get it into an infinite reboot loop, particularly if you don't know what you're doing. Having a decent knowledge of Unix/Linux is recommended if you wish to proceed. You take full responsibility for what may happen to your device if you execute this script."
The biggest changes from the stock version of linux that comes with the Atrix, is the ability to add packages, increase in on-board disk space from 80MB to 1GB and "restrictiveness of the environment."
I will install it tomorrow and let you know what I think. This will get us one step closer to the dream of having a computer in our pockets at all times. Might be time to go ahead and buy the laptop dock! 

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