Friday, April 22, 2011

Words are nothing

My good friend @bc42 wrote an article about the power of words in social media. He tells an excellent story about his wife being full of compassion and giving a cherished coat to the homeless. Great story and I expect nothing less of C. She's a great lady.

The story remarks on some previous incidences of harsh words on our favorite platform, Twitter. Words do have meaning. The very power of language is in the tone of the words. I am as responsible as any; more so sometimes, I don't have as many filters it seems.
That being said, words are nothing compared to actions. Words only have weight in the way they are sent and more importantly the way they are received. @bc42 has never had an issue calling me out for being a dick nor I him. It's our way. We know the weight as it is intended.
Back to his post, the coat the C wanted to give to the homeless man was one that they had created memories in, the one that was cherished for personal and lovely reasons. C did not not talk about coats with the homeless man. She acted upon her feelings and gave him a coat. It was that action that showed her compassion. It was her follow-through that showed her heart. Not talking about it.
We see a lot of words in this electronic world, most of them useless, some of them meaningful, some just slacktivism. Take them for what you will, that is the weight. 
Anything else is sophomoric masturbation.

*this coming from a man who escalates faster than Uranium 235.

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