Friday, August 05, 2011

The Haunting

I was laying in bed as I often do when I get home from work. Rosie, Laura and I had finished playing and I was settling in for a quick 20 minute nap. The sun was still out and facing towards the back of the house streaming light into our bedroom. I had a pillow over my eyes to block out the light, but with enough room to breath.
While I was laying there thinking about some work project, I felt Rosie sneak up onto the bed and crawl up next to me. We like to play games and she like to come in and wake me up when the time comes so I didn't do anything. I just laid there. I heard her sniffing at my ear. Loud sniffs. Deep sniffs. I had no idea what she was doing so I pulled the pillow off of my head. Rosie was not there. No one was there. Nothing was there. Imagine my surprise. Quickly I leaned over the edge of the bed to see if anything was there. Nothing.
I was not asleep at the time. I was wide awake, there was no transition to me listening to the sniffing beside my head and pulling the pillow off.
This was yesterday. This is accurate as I can be, it only lasted 10-15 seconds.
What do you think it was?

1 comment:

  1. Startling. That's all I have. If it happens multiple things, maybe a friendly haunting :-)